Citrus ‘n’ Happy Lip Balm 10g Zero Waste Packaging.


New packaging

Soothe and protect sore lips with 100% natural ingredients. Makes the perfect zero waste gift…Yep, I LOVE this lip balm.



Citrus n Happy Valley Mist original lip balm blend.

New and improved packaging, still the same trusted formula.

I LOVE this lip balm and I’m sure you will too. Uplifting citrus, red mandarin essential oil holistically known for being a great antiseptic and promoter of cell growth so ideal for sore lips. With added vitamin E beneficial for all skin problems including dry skin; known for it’s abilities to aid the repair and appearance of damaged tissue.  Balanced with notes of Lavender and Frankincense. 30% cocoa seed butter and organic beeswax provide the foundation. The divine chocolaty fragrance from the organic cocoa seed butter content blend with the essential oils to offers a subtle mood lifting chocolate orange scent. If you’re looking for something unnaturally or powerfully fragrant then Valley Mist lip balm is not for you.

Citrus n Happy soothing lip balm makes the perfect zero waste gift, the eco-friendly packaging is totally biodegradable. 

I am so proud to offer both a lip balm tube and outer packaging made from paperboard only. 

Valley Mist - Citrus & Happy Lip Balm

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