Basmati rice is a type of rice grown in the Himalayas, Pakistan and also India. It is characterized by a light nutty flavour and Its a remarkably long rice, becoming longer still when cooked. Basmati rice is a rice popular not only for its flavour, but for its fragrance too; As like jasmine rice, it has its own unique smell. White basmati rice is comparable to other types of white rice.


Basmati Rice can be either brown or white, with the brown variety having more flavour. When cooked, the rice is lighter and more fluffy than standard white rice, and does not stick together...a stark contrast to more conventional store-bought white rice's that leave little room for error, ending up a rather stodgy mass despite your best efforts.

A lot of emphasis if often put on the benefits of Brown Rice and I'm certainly not complaining however its as if White rice is suddenly "Bad". It's certainly not bereft of nutrition and there are infinitely more noxious options out there, however those arguments if anything do White Rice a disservice.

White rice is not doing you any harm, quite the opposite, in fact, it's only guilty of not giving you quite as much as its bigger, browner brother; What often seems overlooked, however, is how hulling rice goes beyond the superficial and the aesthetic. White rice may have somewhat less nutrition than brown rice but equally so it has a much longer shelf life and retains its quality for significantly longer too. So there are very good reasons to stock and eat both varieties. Typically White rice is about 90 percent carbohydrate, 8 percent protein and 2 percent fat, White rice is also a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, iron, folic acid, thiamine and niacin.


This item is available in 100g lots in our store. When ordering online - there is a minimum order of 500g. This item will be packaged in Kraft brown recycled paper bag; with the top folded and sealed with brown paper tape. Please see picture above.

Organic White Basmati Rice

100 Grams