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We are proudly independent Brighton coffee roasters and we are into this more than anyone else!  Way back in the 90’s we were already roasting coffee beans in our vintage Diedrich coffee roasters.  We are the UK’s oldest certified organic coffee roasters and hand-roast the best coffee beans daily, we buy direct, pay our farmers way more than fairtrade rates, and give back through infrastructure projects where our farmers need them.

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Rwanda – Kinini Washing Station – Washed Process

Taste: Blackcurrant, Plum, Sugar Cane
Producer: R&B Import Export LTD
Elevation: 1800 – 2500m
Varietal: Red Bourbon, Kent, Jackson
Roast: Light

Celestine – featured holding the RR tube – owns three acres of land in Rwanda’s Northern Province close to the Kinini washing station. We first met in 2016 when on a buying trip and at that time Celestine had never tasted his own coffee, the crop being too valuable for him to drink. We have been back to see Celestine several times since then, bringing with us his coffee roasted for him to try (having never tried coffee before he added at least seven sugars!) and his four children are growing up in his footsteps growing coffee in the Rusiga district.

We now work with the wider community and have helped to build schools and infrastructure for the benefit of the farmers and their families.  

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1kg Bag of freshly roasted organic coffee beans.

Organic Roasted Coffee Bean -Kinini Station - Rwanda 1kgs