Eleven O'Clock is the most renowned South African rooibosch tea. Delicious, refreshing, full of natural goodness, organically grown and harvested by hand. Naturally caffeine free.

This tea is delicious, soothing and naturally caffeine free and can be enjoyed at any time of day and by the whole family and even makes an ideal drink at bedtime. Rooibosch (rooibos or redbush) tea is soothing, sweet tasting and naturally caffeine-free. 

Our pure rooibosch is grown to international organic standards and is from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. It is harvested by hand and cured in the crisp Cedarberg Mountain air. This delicious tea grows only in South Africa's coastal mountains of the South Western Cape.

The rooibosch selected for Eleven O’Clock is GM free and organically grown, it contains no artificial additives or flavours and is harvested by hand and cured naturally in the sun..

Organic 11 O'clock Rooibosch Tea Bags (40 bags)