About Organic Strawberry 100% Fruit Spread (Fruit Tree) 250g
This nutritious range from Fruit Tree is simply crushed fruit in a jar. It has been created to replace traditional jam.

Made from organic fruit only, without pectin, preservatives or refined sugar. We cook it gently in small batches using hand picked, fully ripe fruit from the orchard.

This strawberry spread is delicious by the spoonful in the dark days of winter or spread on hot toast - why not try it the Italian way without butter? As an alternative to compote, it is perfect for drizzling over desserts.

Fruit* (strawberries 100%, apple), fruit juice concentrate* (apple, blackcurrant). *Organic
Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Surface oil is natural and healthy, simply mix in with the jam

Each jar is made with at least 28 strawberries, a slice of organic apple, a drop of organic grape juice and a splash of organic lemon juice. Nothing else is added. No refined sugar. No pectin.


Fruit Tree Organic Strawberry 100% Fruit Spread