Brew up the eco way with an Ecoliving Tea Basket, a Stainless Steel tea infuser for loose leaf tea. With an easy to use, fully opening, hinged lid and a chain for easy removal from your mug. Fits most standard mugs or cups.

Most single-use tea bags are made with plastic, but by using loose leaf tea you can guarantee a completely plastic-free cup of tea. Fill with loose tea leaves, clip on the lid and pop into a pot or mug. Made from durable stainless steel, with a fully opening hinges lid, the EcoLiving Tea basket is easy to clean - after use, open the lid fully and tip your used tea leaves into your food waste bin. Rinse or wash after each use.

Go green with Ecoliving. Their eco-friendly, sustainable household products are perfect for embracing a zero-waste, plastic-free lifestyle. Absolutely everything is ethically made from environmentally-friendly, natural materials and ecologically packaged too.

EcoLiving Tea Infuser

SKU: EL-10888