Unrefined, Organic Soya Oil
A delicious, rich flavoured oil.
Suited in salad dressings or being added to soups and casseroles.
High quality, cold pressed & unrefined.
With essential omega 3,6 & 9 fatty acids.
This Clearspring Soyabean Oil has been cold pressed, which means the oil from the soya bean has been extracted without the use of heat and no chemicals have been used in the process. The oil is then simply filtered. This whole process ensures the oil retains its nutritional goodness and flavour.
Keep stored in a cool, dark place. Heat no higher than 100°C.

Note that soybean oil, soya bean oil and soya oil are all the same thing!

Soya bean oil is typically used in salad dressings, in a similar way to olive oil.

Clearspring Organic Cold Pressed Soybean Oil (500ml)

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