Why change to a blog?

Updated: Oct 7

This latest incarnation of our website better reflects our values for our business. For those of you that know us and visit us in Grantham, also know that I enjoy a good discussion.

In these days of online sales from UK sources and even international shipping - we wanted to get back to our roots. In essence - we want people to visit our market town and shop for what they need. We have a variety of independent shops in Grantham as well as national ones where the people in these shops will welcome you and explain the varied items for sale.

We discovered that although having an online shopping presence helped raise our profile and enable people to "see" the things that we sell - we decided that there must be someone closer to Devon, Scotland, London, Newcastle....... who could supply bars of soap, Easter eggs, etc to the buyer. Whilst our intentions were okay, we were fuelling the miles travelled by an item beyond which was necessary. Is there a point where toilet rolls produced 30 miles away (low carbon footprint) are then shipped to Cornwall (better than from China but is there nobody closer)?

So. Here we are. Yes we are a retail shop. Yes it is a real bricks and mortar shop. But there is someone likely to be closer to you than we are (unless you actually live in the Lincs/Leics border.) To check if there is a zero waste store close to you, simply go to where using your phone's GPS will guide you to more local stores, like us, but near you.

The following blog will tell stories about the products we stock and why we stock them. We will also highlight the positive news related to sustainable matters. We hope this will become a place to stop and visit and see what's new.

We welcome your feedback, including if you know of something "better" either through reducing waste, more cost effective or just something that you are proud of.

Please join us on this journey and share your best tips for reusing, reducing, recycling.

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