Who are Faith In Nature?

Trading since 1974, Faith in Nature is the forward thinking company started by Rivka Rose. Born in NY, USA and inspired by an Avocado seed - the beginnings of a company were borne.

Created in the UK and continuing to operate from the North West, Faith in Nature is attempting the lead the way in credible, sustainable business. The very essence of the business is to use the least amount of ingredients but to still maintain a very high quality of product. They insist that the products are Vegan and no animal cruelty.

As a consumer and a business, we love the Faith in Nature products.

Why I Love Faith In Nature

They smell great: The Dragon Fruit reminds me of fruit salad sweets that I so enjoyed as a child.

They work: The shampoo feels great on my scalp and hair.

The original loop? : Faith in Nature will (they actively encourage it) take back your old bottles. It is not enough that they bottles are already made from recycled plastic (that's why they are an odd colour) but ultimately recyclable - you can freepost them back to Faith in Nature for reuse or recycling where they will be used again. and again. and again. You get the picture. Not only are the 400ml bottles returnable, but also the 5l and new 20l bottles that we use here in the shop!

The pros:

  • Made in the UK

  • The 5l containers are equivalent to 12.5 smaller 400ml plastic bottles.

  • The 20l containers are equivalent to 50 smaller 400ml plastic bottles

  • The products work - in fact the soap bars that Faith in Nature produce have absolutely zero waste.

What could be better?

Some the the Faith in Nature products contain palm oil. Although they use RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) palm oil - this in itself is not perfect.

Vegetable oils are available and could serve the same purpose - but then these types of oils would require twenty (yes 20) times the land mass for the same job!


Solid shampoo & solid conditioner bars are available. Faith in Nature create their own of these and these are zero carbon footprint.

Other manufacturers produce bars which include (but not limited to)

  • Friendly Soap

  • Suma (Alter - native)

  • Lush

  • Kin Kind

  • Eco Warrior

  • No Secret

  • Lore Originals

  • Ethique

  • and even Garnier!


Whether you prefer liquid shampoo, soap bars or even Organic powder shampoo (Awake Organics, Northamptonshire) there is a fantastic choice from which to pick.

Probably the best the for planet will be soap bars, but please keep in mind that hard water areas and dyed hair can sometimes struggle to make these products work.

The next time you are shopping (online or instore) have a look at the ingredients of your favourite brand. If it doesn't use water straight from the River Witham, (or wherever you live) or E numbers and colouring that you need a BSc in Science to understand - is there something you could do differently to improve what goes on your skin or the impact on another plastic bottle.

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