How Many Plastic Bottles Are Recycled?

In the UK alone, some 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year. (Source: Less than 50% of these are recycled.

However, things are improving. Norway has an amazing recycling system where people and businesses pledge to recycle their plastic waste. 97% recycling is something that we can only currently dream about. Check out the work done by may need to use Google Translate)

Have you considered buying your soda in tins rather than plastic bottles?

Many people have started to take their favourite cup from home to save money at coffee shops and do something great for the planet.

There are now apps that you can download to find your nearest water refill station to help make the leap of faith in being able to locate a fresh drinking water refill.

The next time you're looking at that plastic bottle of water in the shop fridge - just ask yourself whether you could drink water for free? You just need your own cup..

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